Going International and Explaining “Trunk Shows”

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This year is probably the first time I’ve ever zipped through January without giving ANY attention to my New Year resolutions, and honestly not cared! Because this past month my sister and I have completed 2 incredible goals for our new bridal line Tara Lauren. (Click on the link if you haven’t checked it out yet). One of those goals I won’t go into too much detail about because it’s a bit of a surprise so you’ll have to check back in later for it ;) But! The second goal is that we just sent off our collection to an international trunk show in London, England with the most gorgeous boutique The Lovers Bride!  We’re so grateful for the response our line has gotten, and for how much our hard work is actually paying off!  But as I’ve been talking to friends or brides about our trunk shows, I’ve noticed how often I’ve had to explain what trunk shows actually are. So I decided, why not blog about it?!

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If you have just started your dress shopping experience, you will or probably already have come across the words “Trunk Show” and nodded your head pretending you totally know what that is. The most common misconception is that it is similar to a production or runway style event. It’s okay if you don’t know what a trunk show is. Why should you be an expert on bridal, that’s why I’m here ;)  Let me lay it down for ya.

Every store carries a certain list of designers, but they usually never carry the full collection of each designer. What they have is a selection of dresses from each designer that they believe is the best fit for their boutique and brides. A “Trunk Show” is an event that can last anywhere from one weekend to a full month, when a designer sends either their full collection, best sellers, or more commonly their newest collection, to a boutique. This gives brides who are particularly interested in that designer the opportunity to see certain gowns in their area that wouldn’t otherwise be there on any given day. Furthermore, if the trunk show is featuring the newest collection, usually that collection won’t actually be available to try on in stores for months later. So if your timeline doesn’t have the luxury of waiting, you won’t have to.

Another great thing about trunk shows is that there is usually always a discount! Most stores will offer 10% off your gown if you order during the trunk show and some may have additional incentives. Another exciting part of trunk shows is that sometimes the designer comes as well! Which is pretty incredible because how often do you get the opportunity to find your wedding dress with the designer themselves?! Often they can also offer on-the-spot custom changes or accessory/styling suggestions!

Trunk Shows normally take a “tour” so they’re moving from store to store, state to state. If there is a designer you are loving be sure to check out their trunk show schedule to catch them when they are in your area! Or vise versa, if there is a boutique you are loving check out the designers featured in their trunk show schedule! Most designers may only come by every store once to twice a year so you won’t want to miss it.

Hope that was helpful! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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