Tara Lauren Spring 16 Reveal

I started a bridal line!

There’s a way to make an announcement without a preface. I started a bridal line with my sister and it’s called “Tara Lauren” and it’s killer. To sum up our style, it’s an elevated bohemian look. For the spirited bride who still wants something truly special on their wedding day. More for the alternative bride.
No this wasn’t something we just woke up and decided we’d do, it has been something we’ve been working on for awhile. Why wasn’t it brought up before? Well you know when you’re writing something and someone leans over your shoulder to read it and you cringe a little because you’d really rather they not read it “until it’s finished” ? I’m not sure if that feeling is exclusive to writers but it’s how I felt. (No peeking at the first drafts.)
We premiered our line at the beginning of this month at the 2015 New York International Bridal Market at Pier 94. Having grown up in a bridal store I’ve had many experiences on the other side of bridal market, i.e. the buying side. But this was my first time on the other side. And although my previous experience gave me a little head start on what to expect, it was still a TON of work and stress. It was a lot of late nights staying up till 4-5am, biting our nails, developing eye twitches, but then it was also incredibly fun! We met a lot of amazing people slash future friends. And though we know how special our collection is we were not prepared for such an amazing response from so many people. I can’t go into too many details yet but we have exciting things ahead.

Check out our website and Instagram for more info!

Website: www.tara-lauren.com
Instagram: @tara_lauren

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