Birdie Picks – Bridal Hats

I’m just gonna say it. I’m kind of really into bridal hats. If you’re not thinking, “I can be down with that” then bear with me here.

Accessories are some of my favorite parts of bridal because they can really change and make the whole look. Sometimes you can look at a beautiful dress, and dismiss it as “the one” because it’s a little “too simple”. Step back and see the potential; a perfect beautiful canvas for accessories. Today I want to focus on the accessory at the forefront of my mind. Hats.

Recently I’ve been coming across some images of bridal looks topped off with really cool hats, and in an edgy bohemian 70′s Americana kind of way it’s all been working on a major level. It instantly adds that cool girl factor, for the bride who isn’t looking to appear “blushing” but “badass”. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Refer to the above pics and tell me I’m crazy. Featuring some of my favorite designers, I tip my hat to the following: Claire Pettibone, Rime Arodaky, Grace Loves Lace, Rue de Seine, Daughters of Simone, Yolan Cris, and Ralph Lauren.





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