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I know I’m not the first to jump on the overall bandwagon, but I’m glad I got on for the ride. Basically, they’ve become my favorite everyday go-tos. They’re just comfortable enough for casual wear, but just unique enough to amp up your look without even really trying. I got them on ASOS, as I am a religious shopper of the site.  Aside from my new favorite one piece, let me direct you to my new favorite two piece as seen on my happy little feet. My Shellys London platform peep-toes. I saw them on ASOS awhile back and, like a fool, decided to think about it. Then I got the “fashion daymares”. You know, when you don’t buy an item of clothing and you can’t stop thinking about them all day and all the outfits you can wear with them? Then you see someone else wearing them and you realize you absolutely MUST have them? Then you go back to ASOS and see they’re SOLD OUT. Thankfully my panicked research lead me to Urban Outfitters, where they not only had them but they were on sale! I had to snatch them up. A unique pair of shoes is the easiest way to turn up any outfit. And for someone like me who doesn’t have the prettiest feet (blame it on the years of ballet dancing and abuse by pointe shoes) I’m loving the way my feet look in these puppies. I think my feet may actually look, dare I say, cute? I won’t get ahead of myself.  Photos by the best of the best, Dan Duran.


ASOS Overalls, Brandy Melville Crop Top, Shellys London Platform Peep-toes, Rayban Round Frame Sunglasses.

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