Bridal Fashion Week

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Bridal Fashion Week, the event speaks for itself. It’s always been a highlight of growing up in the bridal industry. My sister (pictured with me) and I love checking out the new collections, scoping out bridal trends, discovering new designers and their brilliant work and so on. (Not to mention the parties, of which we always make it a priority to take full advantage of the free champagne and free dancing.) You would think for an industry that’s built on a basic white dress, that there’s only so much you can do.  I mean how many different versions of a white dress are possible? Despite that, not once have I gone to Bridal Fashion Week without coming across some beautiful unique piece that has me so giddy I’m practically clicking my heels like a little Filipino Irish leprechaun.  The possibilities of bridal fashion are limitless today. And for someone who has seen way too many wedding gowns at her age, I am very enthusiastic about what those possibilities mean for Bridal Fashion Week.


Photo by Dan Duran

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